Gift Card

Gift Card

A gift card for the Heikala Shop.

Read before you purchase:

- This gift card can be used only in Heikala’s online shop at heikala.tictail.com
- The gift card can not be used towards shipping.
- You'll receive the gift card as a pdf file to the e-mail you use while making the purchase.
- It may take a couple days to create and send the gift card to you, thank you for your patience.
- During checkout if you'd like you can leave a note to specify who the gift card is from and who will get it.
- During checkout you can leave a note to indicate whether you want the entire amount on one gift card or if you'd like it divided between multiple gift cards.
- The Tictail system automatically asks for complete shipping address, but be aware that this item will not be shipped via mail but electronically to your e-mail.

Terms of Use:
Gift card allows you to pay for products at heikala.tictail.com online store. The gift card can not be used towards shipping. The gift card is valid for a 12 months from purchase. If the Heikala Shop domain address changes or moves onto another platform, a new gift card will be issued for that shop to replace the old one. The gift card can not be returned or converted into cash.
20 USD